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Aberystwyth Removals & Storage Ltd.

About Us

At Aberystwyth Removals and Storage, we move furniture carefully and safely.  If you need, we can also store your house-hold goods until your new house is ready.

Alicia and Charles relaxing at home.

Alicia and Charles Moss

We are always ready to pack, to move your house contents or to put your belongings into our secure store.

Alicia Moss of Aberystwyth Removals and Storage    Charles Moss of Aberystwyth Removals and Storage

               Alicia                                                 Charles

Aberystwyth Removals and Storage Lorry

Aberystwyth Removals & Storage Ltd
Reg. Office: Ynys Tachwedd, Ynyslas, BORTH, Ceredigion SY24 5LB Tel. 01970 871576

Aberystwyth Removals & Storage Ltd is  registered in England and Wales with company number 1993974
Director: Charles Moss, Company Secretary: Alicia S.E. Moss
VAT No. 434064669

British Association of Removers member No. A048




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